Quality policy

We undertake to realize an effective quality system, which includes all - production, management and business planning – aspects, and to improve it permanently.

We believe that steady supervision and the development of the quality system will help us to warrant well-established and full operation of the enterprise, and also to meet the requirements of our business partners.

We assure that quality inspection procedures should be implemented and permanently elaborated within all sections and their subdivisions, and that all workers of the enterprise should be included to the process of refinement of management of the quality of the enterprise.

Our enterprise is guided by the requirements of international quality management standard ISO 9001:2008, with the aim to deliver products, which comply with requirements of the client as well as with requirements of proper legislation and legal regulative rules.

As we apply this system usefully, including its permanent conditioning processes and security as the conformity with the requirements of the client, also with proper legislation and legal regulative rules, we pursue the aim, that the client might become satisfied with the procurable product.