Quality policy

„JADECLOUD - VILMA” UAB is the enterprise of high quality for sewing and washing-refining of mannish and womanish outerwear, which was founded in 1993, in Vilnius.
150 employees are working at the enterprise.
We tailor womanish and mannish washable clothing (as of cotton, flax and denim), leisure and work clothes and the knitwear.

„Jadecloud - Vilma“ UAB expands and popularizes the production of denim washable products (jeans, jackets, shirt, skirts) in Lithuania for a long time, similarly it strives to assimilate modern washing technologies, to meet the needs of the customers and to strike up reliable partnership with all clients, which might be well-founded by professional dependence.

We release for the customers, which pertain notable brands as of high quality: in England - „Burberry“,„Marks & Spencer”, „Viyella”, „Artigiano”, „Toast”, „Wrap”; in Sweden - Prêt-à-Porter Group); in France - „Agnès B.”; in Denmark - „Créton”). They mean us to be serious partners and we have reached with them permanent rooted relations, which are based both on mutual reliance and on our anytim competence to deliver the products of high quality. We can offer transportation services to our clients for delivering ready- made products to any place asked by the client – to Germany, England and France.

The employees of the enterprise warrant successful practice of the company „Jadecloud - Vilma“ UAB as well as high quality of its products and reliable position within foreign markets.

We believe in our objectives and our permanent expansion – we do everything for we have the aim to satisfy expectations of our partners and of the clients.